Randall Silvis: I am always aiming for the perfect sentence

I envy people who are yet to encounter the work of Randall Silvis. I envy them for the thrill that they will experience from his picturesque language, his poetic descriptions, and his skillful comparisons. They will rediscover the crime genre and the delight it can bring to the connoisseur. But then I stop envying them.... Continue Reading →


Jussi Adler-Olsen: I never underestimate my readers

A few years ago I watched a very good Danish crime film "The Keeper of Lost Causes". I remember how the plot excited me, how impressed I was by its dynamism, the originality of the personae, and how I thought to myself, "This film is based on a book, there's no way it can just... Continue Reading →

Marc Levy: Life has more imagination than me

I remember the first Marc Levy book I picked up six years ago. 'Finding You' – was only 230 pages, but it was so shattering that I still remember the feeling of emptiness that caught me after I read it. It turned into its creator's symbol – I've talked about it and Marc so many... Continue Reading →


Claire Fuller: A first draft is usually terrible

I knew I would have liked to interview Claire before I read "Our Endless Numbered Days". The novel was in my short "To Read" list of debut bestseller novels in first person narrative (an ongoing research project of mine in connection with an article soon to be released, also in connection with a personal writing... Continue Reading →


Peter James: I don’t write to impress anybody

Do you recognize the man in the picture? Have a good look and tell me what you know about him. A close friend of mine visited for dinner at my home two years ago, but he refused to sit next to the shelf with my favourite books because it spoiled his appetite. "Dead Simple", "Looking... Continue Reading →


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